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Series 1: “Focus on You”

1. Identity & Purpose in Christ

2. Motivational & Ministry Gifting

3. Self Leadership & Healthy Habits


Series 2: “Focus on GOD”

1. Overview & Doctrines of the Bible

2. Bible Study skills

3. Evangelism & Apologetics


Series 3: “Focus on OTHERS”

1. Growing Healthy Culture

2. Qualities Healthy Culture

3. Relationship & Discipleship



We believe that God has placed so much purpose and potential in the people of True North Church. Forge Leadership School was created to unleash that calling and potential. We believe that the church should be the most powerful force on the planet for training and empowering leaders. The vision and purpose of Forge Leadership School is to equip students to be healthy, balanced and well grounded Christians, who are effective in living for Jesus and building Gods house.


Our desire is for you to take the Next Step in your leadership, influence and Christian growth. We want you to become the person the God created you to be, to learn how to lead and fulfill his purpose for your life.


The 2017-18 program for Forge Leadership School begins in September and consists of three 12-week series. In each of these three trimesters, students will experience a balanced mixture of biblically based teaching, interactive discussion, class activities, and hands on training for learning in a wide range of areas. This years program is different from years past in that we will have the entire month of December off from classes but will extend our 3rd series to include the month of June. Take a look below at our new trimester schedule as well as what topics will be studied in each.


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