Master class:


Do you want to be a better leader?


Do you want to grow in your influence and leadership Capacity?


Do you want to become the leader that God has created you to be?


Have you ever wanted to walk in a greater level of confidence in your everyday life?



Over this 8-week class you will learn:



- The foundations of Godly leadership vs Worldly leadership


- Using the life of Jesus as a model for leadership


- Leading out of your own strengths and giftings


- Gaining influence and developing qualities of leadership


- Self leadership and becoming more disciplined in your own life.


- Managing your Time, Energy and Resources


- What leaders look for,  the questions leaders ask.


- Team building and organizational leadership


- Dealing wisely with conflict in leadership…and much more.




Q1: When does this Forge Course begin?


This course begins on Sunday, February 24th and runs 8-weeks to Sunday, Apr 14th. We meet 2-4pm at the Center Point (721 main st. Sewell)


Q2: Why Should I Sign up for Forge?


Because you were Made to Move and this 8-week class might just be the perfect Next Step for you. This course is relevant for all areas of life from leading people, being a husband, parenting, being an employer or employee, building teams and leading all sorts of groups.


Q3: Who is this Class for?


Forge is for any Christian, High School age and up who have a desire Grow in their leadership capacity. The materials we cover are designed to engage people who have been Christ followers for many years or people who are new to Christianity.


Q4: Is Childcare available?


Unfortunately, due to facility constraints, we will not be offering childcare for this 8-week Forge class.


Q5: What is the cost to register for Forge?


The cost for the course is $99 which covers class materials, hospitality, resources, and some surprises. Payment is due before the 1st class and can be made online when you register or in person during business hours at The Point.





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