Forge Evangelism & Apologetics Master class:


Have you ever been asked a question about Jesus or the Bible and you didn’t know how to respond? Have you ever known what you believe but not how to articulate it to someone else?


Have you ever wanted to tell a friend or family member about Jesus but didn’t know where to begin? Have you ever felt nervous and anxious just because of the thought of talking to someone about Jesus?


You're not alone...but we're here to help!


Beginning on Sunday, October 21st we are excited to begin a special 8-week Forge course all about sharing Christ. This 8-week study will include relevant teaching, real life stories, effective techniques and helpful advice all designed to help you become a confident and effective witness for Jesus Christ.


Over this 8-week Class, you will learn:


- How to better navigate difficult conversations and answer tough questions.


- How to engage in conversations with people who hold different beliefs and may disagree with you


- How to avoid common mistakes people make and continue gaining greater confidence with witnessing


- How to overcome fear and anxiety and learn to share Christ the way he wired you to.


- How to use your personal testimony and lead people to Christ in a clear and easy to understand way..


- How to know what you believe, why you believe it and how to back it up with scripture.




Q1: When does this Forge Course begin?


Forge begins on Sunday, Oct 21st and runs 8 Sundays until Dec 9th. Each class is Sunday from 2pm until 4pm at The Point. (721 main St, Sewell)


Q2: Why Should I Sign up for Forge?


Because you were Made to Move and this 8-week class might just be the perfect Next Step for you. Effectively witnessing and sharing Christ with other people is an area that we can all grow in and learn new things. All of this is done in a fun, engaging and interactive classroom setting.


Q3: Who is this Class for?


Forge is for any Christian, High School age and up who have a desire to witness and share Christ with people in your world. The materials we cover are designed to engage people who have been Christ followers for many years or people who are new to Christianity.


Q4: Is Childcare available?


Unfortunately, due to facility constraints, we will not be offering childcare for this 8-week Forge class.


Q5: What is the cost to register for Forge?


The cost for the course is $99 which covers class materials, hospitality, resources, and some surprises. Payment is due before the 1st class and can be made online when you register or in person during business hours at The Point.





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