Open Courses

True North College is opening five courses to the True North Family during the Fall Semester.
Open courses offer an opportunity to be discipled at a college level without the college application, credits and homework.

The Holy Spirit

A systematic study of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology). Special attention will be given to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. Special emphasis will be on the nature and use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


An introduction to inductive bible study that explains what it is and how to do it.  Through an intensive study of the book of Philippians the use of the principles of inductive bible study will be used to practice observing, interpreting and applying Scripture.

Church History

A thorough investigation of the events, people, places, and theology associated with the Church from its inception after the ascension of Christ to today. The course will follow this general timeline as it fills in the major sections of Church history with specific dates and their corresponding events.

Christian Leadership

A biblical study of the principles of leadership. Special attention will be given to the structure, organization, and government of the church with a focus on the plurality of leadership and the essential concept of the “body of Christ.” Special emphasis will be put on the theory and practice of counseling from a biblical point of view with an emphasis on how to help people in practical ways.

Missions and the Church

A theological, biblical, and historical study that forms the foundation for understanding the importance and nature of the Great Commission. Special attention will be given to mobilizing local church missions programs and individuals who want to go to the mission field.

Identify. Equip. Release.